Episode 15

15. Future of Emerging Markets

With more than half of the world’s population living in cities like New Delhi, Mexico City, Beijing, São Paulo, and Kuala Lumpur, we’re taking a look at what’s driving the future of food in emerging markets.

Taking us on a journey of future food trends is our host, Sandeep Das, Global Foresight Lead, Emerging Markets at Mars Wrigley. Joining him are Blas Maquivar, President, Global Emerging Markets at Mars Wrigley, Food Futurist Tony Hunter, and Alki Manias, Executive Vice President of the VR simulations provider StoreLab.

In this episode, we discuss how emerging markets will explode in the next few decades and what that means for FMCG. To do that, we explore current consumer behaviors, the recent growth in e-commerce, and issues like sustainability that are increasingly important to younger generations.

What will the food industry look like in 2050? How will retailers provide a more experiential approach to the shopping experience as economies begin to boom and technology advances? Join us as we get curious about the future nuances and opportunities for this massive area of the world.


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