Episode 12

12. Immersive Experiences

As we close out Season 2 of the podcast, we’re diving into how technology has shaped the way brands acknowledge and cater to the uniqueness of each customer journey through immersive experiences.

Join our host Jo Lepore, Global Foresight Lead for North America, as she explores how brands might be telling stories in the future while connecting with our imaginations at the same time.

She’s invited top experts Adam Walker, Executive Director, Consumer Foresight & Market Exploration at The Walt Disney Company, Will Hall, Chief Creative Officer at RAIN, and Matt Klein, Director of Strategy at sparks & honey to discuss trends, challenges and possibilities for brands to emotionally connect with consumers.

How do brands create what people can only imagine? Get curious with us about the uses of tech to enhance, detract or motivate our experiences in the future.


All views are those of the podcast hosts and guests only and do not necessarily reflect the views of their employer(s).

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