Episode 13

13. Future of America

Welcome to the “Future of” series, our third season of the Future Imagined podcast where we focus on big strategic topics of future influence. We kick off by examining the motivation and meaning shaping America’s individual and shared societal values.

Our host, Jo Lepore, Global Foresight Lead for North America, explores what being happy, healthy, and heard means to Americans. And how consumer’s choices are influencing large-scale change.

Joining her is Anton Vincent, President of Mars Wrigley North America, and Ujwal Arkalgud, Co-founder and CEO of MotivBase. Together, they bring a heart-centered, anthropological perspective on how diversity, empathy and truth-seeking are transforming American culture.

As a primary influencer of the world, what are the small steps America can take to make life more meaningful for all of us? Get curious with us about how America can transform through disruption and how consumers can use their power to drive change.


All views are those of the podcast hosts and guests only and do not necessarily reflect the views of their employer(s).

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